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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Berry Picking

We went to Phipp's Farm over the weekend and picked some berries. They got kind of smashed on the way home but that didn't matter; I made a cobbler that made for good breakfast eating for a few days.

This summer has been rolling along. So much good food--peaches, corn, cherries have been the best this week. I've been reading War and Peace, trying to be ready for next week's page 600 check in. I've got to read something like 40 pages a day to make it...we'll see! It really has become like a security blanket. I take it everywhere, hoping for a chance to read a few pages, not necessarily because I LOVE it, but because I just have to keep going! I will say I didn't like it very much at first, but now I am liking it, seeing more in it, feeling more a part of it.

I am enjoying the slow pace of this season for our family. Savoring it, trying not to waste it by thinking too much about what we should accomplish while we have time. Turning around a lot of Netflix: mainly Entourage and The Sopranos--I am so OVER this show! Too gross! Too violent!

Lily definitely has an opinion about Baby Sister's name. We liked Eleanor and we're trying to sell it to her: "What about Eleanor? Baby Eleanor?"
"No, just Baby June. Not Eleanor."
"Eleanor is pretty, Baby Eleanor?"
"I don't like Eleanor."

Alrighty then.

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