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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The baby chicks!

Today we got 4 chicks, with the high hopes of our backyard turning out all the ingredients for the home grown omelet: tomatoes, zucchini and EGGS! Peter is almost finished with the coop, and these little ladies were just born on Wednesday, so the coop will be ready and waiting by the time they're old enough to move outside.

Lily peeks at her new peeps.

Excited to hold one.

But it somehow ended up down here.

Now, meet the girls. Peter doesn't think I should name them, or call them the girls. Because he wants to EAT them when their egg-laying days are done. But I already love them and we will go toe-to-toe on this one!

First up, meet Rhoda. She's a Rhode Island Red and definitely the friskiest of the bunch.

Here's Sunny. She's an Auracana. She'll lay pretty pale blue eggs!

This one is Astro. She's the biggest right now, and she's a black Austrolorp.

And here's #4, she's another Auracana without a name. She has all sorts of colors and kind of looks like a squirrel or an owl. Any suggestions?

Here they are, just hanging out. I don't think I've ever held a chick before, and I thought it was weird. But it's so fun! They just stay in your hands and go to sleep!


Erin said...

Hedwig for #4!!!

Miracle said...

I like Calico or Dragon for number 4!

D said...

ROCKY - since she looks like a squirrel or HOOTER - since she looks like an owl. lol. HOOTY?