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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free is sweeter

These berries are from a vacant lot by our house. They were the sweetest berries I've eaten all summer. Infinitely sweeter than the berries we paid to pick in Pescadero!

Update on the unnamed chick. The youngest Reed came to see the peeps and called her Mercury. After the planet. I had to go with it because it's cute and clever and it made Peter think "I don't want to eat that one!" Also reminds me of the Kathleen Edwards song Mercury...which I love. (I wish I could just post songs like pictures. That's against the law (I think.) and I wouldn't know how to do it.)

Of songs, the season is turning again. It's true. Discovered "Easy Hearts" by Whiskeytown is a perfect transitional melody and sounds great in the car on these dusty afternoons.

1 comment:

D said...

Oh yeah! We should have directed you to the youngest Reed in the first place. She's got a gift for naming.

Glad every peep has a name now!