Here and There

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I made a few of these plastic bag holders based on Martha's pattern. She suggested using a dishtowel, but I used fabric from my little stash. I love how they turned out and love that they're so fast to make. I hung them in the garage, one for the clear plastic bags and one for the regular ones. It's already made it easier for me to reuse the bags I have. In the same day I also made a nursing cover from this pattern, but made it bigger. That was not such a fun project. Too slow and too much thinking. I prefer the sewing projects that are fast and simple and you can make a bunch of them and feel pleased with yourself. But if you were a more advanced sewer, it probably wouldn't be such a big deal at all.


Leiflet said...

Lisa just bought a Singer and really wants to make some drawstring produce bags for her first project. You've been sewing since High School, right?

jillyg said...

no way, i've never been able to use a machine until this spring i went to a beginning sewing workshop and got the basic skills. it's fun!