Here and There

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"We are young, we run green..."

I've been thinking a lot about this particular memory of Gid and I when we were young(er than we are now). Carefree day on the beach in Capitola, watching the sun set from the little deck of a lifeguard station. Me in some cute Abercrombie and Fitch campshirt and jeans. This was before Abercrombie and Fitch got racist and the catalogs had become (too) racy. They had some really cool things back then.

There's a stark contrast of so many things about today and that day. At first, when this memory popped into my head I was a little sad for it. We were the young couple on the beach. We'll never be the young couple on the beach again. Because I have kids I'll never be as "carefree". Even when the wheel turns again and we're back on the beach, kids grown and gone, it won't be the same. Sitting together, watching the sky, that quiet won't be full of fascination and butterflies. I was looking in my mind at us there and just so nostalgic for that day. Just misty for it.

But I love how that day we didn't know we'd be a family, we didn't know how sweet it would be to depend upon each other instead of date. It's almost too lovely to look at, that day. But it is also marvelous to think about how now: instead of holding my heart closed and opening it to show dazzling glimpses, the way we do when we are getting to know someone we are smitten by, it's all open, it's all there. We know each other, we rely on each other. Less independence, fewer butterflies, more deep quiet water, more true love.

I could also just be reminiscing about wearing jeans. I miss that. But I will wear jeans again... someday.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Nesting looks like Sewing this time around.

We bought this plain brown hoodie from Target for $7. It was a boy's sweatshirt, but the only thing that looked boyish was the number 15 in a tan box on the lapel. I remembered that Dana had given me these patches a long time ago and thought it would be perfect. So I hand-stitched it to the red scrap while sniffling through Pete's Dragon and then did a quick machine stitch around the scrap. Hopefully it will get all unravelly after a few washes and look "distressed" around the edge.

Of course this morning, Lily wept with grief that the "abc's" got covered up. That kind of pissed me off because I worked so hard on it, but then I grew up after I had a cup of coffee and hung it on the coatrack...maybe that's where it will live forever, oh well.