Here and There

Friday, September 11, 2009

Nesting looks like Sewing this time around.

We bought this plain brown hoodie from Target for $7. It was a boy's sweatshirt, but the only thing that looked boyish was the number 15 in a tan box on the lapel. I remembered that Dana had given me these patches a long time ago and thought it would be perfect. So I hand-stitched it to the red scrap while sniffling through Pete's Dragon and then did a quick machine stitch around the scrap. Hopefully it will get all unravelly after a few washes and look "distressed" around the edge.

Of course this morning, Lily wept with grief that the "abc's" got covered up. That kind of pissed me off because I worked so hard on it, but then I grew up after I had a cup of coffee and hung it on the coatrack...maybe that's where it will live forever, oh well.


D said...

Can you make me one? I'll wear it!

Bora said...

I often rely on my morning coffee to help me find my inner adult.