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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cultivate Quiet

I didn't hear the sermon because I was teaching Godly Play but I heard that somewhere in there was the suggestion (instruction?) for advent, for this week, was to cultivate quiet. I want to do this. I could be doing this right now, both children are asleep, but I am here on the internet thinking about doing this. Stupid.

Teaching Godly Play on the first Sunday of advent was meaningful and I felt myself entering the mystery of Christmas.

As I was preparing for the story I invited my own self to journey to Bethlehem along with the Holy Family, with the angels, the Magi, the prophets and all the rest. I was reminded of that riddle about all the people on the road to St. Ives. All the wives and kids and cats. I'm sure everyone was making a racket. The journey to Bethlehem then and now is noisy and crazy too. But if I stop and notice it, there are indeed moments of calm. I don't have to make them happen, just notice them.

We're on the road to Bethlehem and something incredible will happen there. It's night and no one is crying, no one is screaming or grabbing. There are stars. Look up! Nod and feel that bizarre connection--like a magnet, between your quiet right then and that huge timeless quiet of the skies.

Quiet. Quiet. Be quiet. Be still.

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soundslikefox said...

this is really beautiful. thank you.