Here and There

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pizza Night

In Animal Vegetable Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver talks a little bit about her family's pizza night. I think this is a brilliant idea for many reasons...everybody likes pizza, you can use up leftover veggies and bits of cheese and sauce, you don't have to think about what to make for dinner one night a week. As a fledgling menu-planner, I've embraced Pizza Night for now. I anticipate getting bored of pizza. Although I have eaten a Gordo burrito for dinner almost every Sunday night for the past 2 years.

Want a peek at my menu plan for this week?

Monday: Turkey Chili and baked potato, with sour cream and cheddar cheese
Tuesday: Roast Chicken, greens, mashed sweet potatoes
Wednesday: Black Bean Soup with Toasted Cumin Seed Crema
Thursday: Make dessert for dinner gathering. Thinking pie.
Friday: Pizza Night! Sometime I'll post my recipe for super easy pizza dough.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I like the pineapple in the background because the flower looks kind of like a little purple pineapple.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am very pleased with these rosehips. This rose, I am not so pleased with overall--it's not very fragrant, I thought I liked the bloom but it's too simple. I wanted some crazy really gorgeous rose to grow on this trellis and this here yellow plain jane isn't it. Plus it just looks all funky and diseased a lot of the time. What do I do though? Dig it out?

But right now it's looking very cool with these orange rosehips all over the mostly bare branches. Very mid-winter.In other news, I took the plunge and switched Mags over to cloth diapers. It's working and I won't say I LOVE it, but it's okay. No more diaper-in-the-landfill guilt. Although I've already tossed plenty of diapers in the landfill, but I just don't think about that. I'm turning over a new leaf!

I've been reading the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke. I've read these books since I was young, and re-read them a few times. It's fun, they're weird but also strangely spiritually intriguing to me. I am so not into the whole wider theme of women's place in the family/church/society of these stories. (They're historical, books about pioneer times, but in a kind of "it was good and right that way".)

But sometimes a wholesome, simple phrase touches me: "God can take yer bitterness Clark, iffen you'll let 'im." Stuff like that. I like that kind of stuff. So I've been reading about 1 a day. Reading during Lily's nap while nursing the baby. Staying up WAY too late reading. Doing that kind of reading you do when you're kind of in survival mode when you're not reading. Just wanting to check out in a way that only reading something very easy and melodramatic allows.