Here and There

Monday, March 29, 2010

Old Reliable

In our garden, this is the one thing that is always edible, all year round. It's a kale tree. We got it at Spiral Gardens and it bears really tasty kale. You just clip off the leaves and they grow back, fast. I like the texture of cooked kale a lot so I mostly use it as a supper vegetable, sauteed with onion, a little turkey bacon and then simmered with a little apple juice.

The chickens also like kale, so if a branch gets aphids we just toss it to them.

Yesterday I planted a lot of seeds--sweet peas and sunflowers all around the frontyard fence. I hope they all do well.


pete said...

"This is food for life." is what that hippie at Spiral Gardens told me, with a tear in his eye, when I bought that plant from him.

jillyg said...

yes! it is food for life. and what are you talking about? you were the hippie that told me that!