Here and There

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I've been reflecting on the weekend, particularly the time spent on the farm. I love Disneyland and the dear people we traveled there with. It was terrific. But I've been thinking about how restful being at the farm was, how calm. It was so good to see cr! in her element there. So good to be barefoot there.

I was thinking about how much time I spend indoors. I know that it is just now Spring, but I really do spend more and more time inside instead of outside and it grosses me out. I need to be outside more. Lil and Mags need to be outside more. So I am resolving to spend time out on our small farm everyday. Even just a few minutes. So I know what's going on out there. So I feel the vitamin D going in. So I don't become pale and sickly. Outside! It is beckoning! Outside!


Lisa said...

I love your sling! Did you make it?

jillyg said...

no, but i want to try to make one that's not fleece for the warm weather. it's a kangaroo korner one i got off craigslist. it was my favorite newborn carrier with magnolia. i wished i'd had it with lily!