Here and There

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Mags' huge head in a bonnet.

If you have 6 inch pans you can make a dozen cupcakes and a two layer 6 inch cake with one recipe of cake batter. I like this.

We went to the Marine Mammal Center. Later, processing the idea of a seal hospital, Lily put band aids all over her souvenir.

Sea glass from Sea Cliff Beach in Santa Cruz.

Very pretty shell that looks like it needs to be turned into a necklace.

Kitchen counter remodel got finished right before Easter and I love it.


bellarella said...

What a lovely picture of your lovely kitchen. Can you come consult me on color? You are a super genius.

Jess said...

wow. that's like. out of book. and yr little seal nurse? she has mad bandaging skills. kinda want to meet her.