Here and There

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Catching Up

Our camera was lost and we finally got a new one last week...

Crazy Mags and summer time Dad.
Discovery Museum.  It's a pteranadon nest.

Instead of a skirt for Lil, I made a zipper pillow cover.  This way, we can have a bed pillow on the couch and it doesn't just look like someone in our house is sick.

Spider webs everywhere.
Latest project at our house...door on the office.  Also, painting office orange and making it a nice, functional guest room/office/sleeping place for Mags.
Finally saving some energy and drying the diapers on the line.  So glad for sunny days.
Brooding good.  No eggs, just sitting there all day!
At least Sunny hasn't gone that route.  She's still laying one a day.
First Cosmo bloomed.