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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Leaning into Autumn

 Now, all three of our new chickens are laying eggs.  (For interested parties: we did not eat the other ones, they just died.)  Lucky's are greenish, Astro II's are tan and Rhoda II's are brown.  (Lucky is an Araucana, Astro II is a Barred Rock and Rhoda II is a Rhode Island Red)  We have a lot of eggs these days, so the girls eat eggs almost every morning and CR and Peter both have been cooking them for lunch lately with beans/tortillas/salsa kind of stuff.  Very tasty. Cristy Rose has been staying with us and it has been so lovely.  I love sharing coffee and chatting in the morning, having another lady in the house, eating homemade tortillas...having an encouraging and loving friend so near is a gift.

 "Tuesday Morning Adventures" may sound like an outing at a retirement facility but it's really our way of making sure that despite school days and some other regularly scheduled programming in our lives, we get some weekday fun.  This past Tuesday we visited Muir Woods.  After seeing "The Gnomemobile" recently, the scenery was just right for hunting gnomes.  We didn't find any, but it was perfectly beautiful and the slight changing leaves and nip in the air felt like the first taste of fall. 
Inside a tree.


Erin said...

I want to quite my lovely job and come on Tuesday morning adventures with you!

cristyroses said...

I did so love the morning talks and tuesday adventures and thensome! I can only pray we have more in the future :)