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Sunday, October 17, 2010

To my Magsie on her birthday

Dear Magnolia,
You are one year old.  You were born in the evening and we came home after lunch the next day.  I had made you a pink cake a week before you were born and froze it.  I told Gram to take it out of the freezer that morning.  Then, when your dad and sister went to get burritos for dinner that night, I frosted it and put sprinkles on it so we could have a little party to celebrate you.  Remembering those early days with you please me.  I was so worried that your whole first year would be a blur.  A blur of caring for two children, a struggle.  But, looking back into the blur, these perfectly clear, sane moments greet me.  Sure, maybe there aren't very many.  But they are representative.  They are real and just yours.
I remember getting up and nursing you in the night, before we had figured out lying down nursing together.  Watching Jimmy Fallon and the National Parks specials on PBS.  I remember getting Lily buckled into her seat in the Target parking lot and feeding you in the front seat of the car.  Lily would be flipping through "Cars-that-Trucks-that-things-that-go!" (as she says) and you would eat, spit up (a lot) and be content.
I remember you in the snow.  Peaceful, watchful girl.
I remember you smiling, laughing, beginning to understand.
I remember you in Grass Valley, wearing you in the sling as it got dark, walking together under the lacy leaved trees, quiet and slow.  When you and me are together by ourselves, it is serene.  I remember so many of those moments over this past year.  You have been a source of delight, of love, of joy.  I thank God for your life.  Your surprise life. Because here is just what our family needs: a little girl with hazel eyes, with an old soul, watching us, laughing.
Love you sweet babes.


bellarella said...

wipe away my tears. Such beautiful memories. That Mags, she's good people.

Erin said...

made me cry too. I love you both.

cristyroses said...

oh my! dear magsie! such beautiful words jill!