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Saturday, November 20, 2010


When you find yourself eating too much food, the first advice is to keep track and write down what you eat.  When you find yourself spending too much money, the first advice is to keep track and write down what you spend.

The idea that we eat or spend without realizing it seems terrible.  If we only had just enough (or not enough) to eat or spend we wouldn't eat a bite or spend a dollar without being aware.  I am struggling with the idea that there is a normal, healthy amount of stuff (food/money/possessions/things to do) and somehow being more aware somehow helps you stay in that place.  I know it may have something to do with greed, envy, worry, pride, comfort; there are these reasons and traps for how food and money get out of control in our lives.  But as opposed to reactive measures like the whole "track it and you'll get back on track", I wonder if there is a way of living or a cultural adjustment that would eliminate the problem! 

Are people supposed to live more subsistently?  If so many people have these struggles with weight and spending are these symptoms of living in a way that goes against how we are wired?  Or taps into something negative about the way we're wired?

How do you reconcile having so much, and then "not enough"?  Maybe I am just yearning for something that is yet to be.  The kingdom of heaven does not have diets in it.  I am sure.  But I am also sure that we are never hungry.


Leiflet said...

I have always found it really interesting that when i cook a giant dinner or bake multiple pies, I actually have a very small appetite by the time it is all ready to eat. Everyone else in the room is ready to devour everything, but i am so content from working with the ingredients, taking in the smells, and spending time with the labor that i already feel "full".

I feel the same with possessions: listening to Pete's cds, even for the twentieth time, feels special to me in a way that no commercial artist will ever be able to touch.

I wonder if those ideas are interconnected: contentment and care? When i am feeling lost, i can spend money and eat with a bottomless stomach. But when I am content, every bite feels like it's enough.

This was a nice post, Jill. It's great to read your words (at 1:43am???)

jillyg said...

yes, leif! this is what i'm pondering, all of it.