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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year

Christmas Gimlets

Lily at the Exploratorium.
This morning the sunshine was warm and friendly through the window--like spring.  Not thin and pale like winter.  And I have 2 daffodils blooming in the front.  I should pick them and bring them in because it's too early to enjoy them.  Of course the world doesn't bloom in the winter, we can't be out there to enjoy it.

Reading Moby Dick, and completely delighted by it.  How did I not enjoy this book in college?  So dumb.  It is so good.

Some other holiday media reporting:

Read Chipmunk Seeks Squirrel by David Sedaris when I was sick after Thanksgiving.  I thought it was funny, but the last story about the owl, the hamster and the hippo was actually perfect.  I was amazed by it. 

Saw True Grit in the theater, one of those perfect movie experiences where you sit down and your mind doesn't wander, and you don't even think, you just watch and enjoy the story and leave after its over blissfully aware that for two hours you didn't come up with anything on your own, you just went along for the ride with someone's story and idea.  Very nice.  The movie was great too, I thought.

Also really enjoyed a netflix movie with all the old pals from The State in it, written by Michael Showalter called The Baxter.


erica said...

good to know that baxter is good! it's been in our watch instantly queue for so long. i always resist it because i added it, and nearly everything i've ever added to the watch instantly queue turns out to be a made-for-tv movie. either that or something really preachy that's made by mormons or fundamentalists or something (which i guess usually seem like made-for-tv movies also). now i'll choose baxter with confidence.

erica said...

or rather, the baxter.

erica said...

update: watched it over the weekend and 'twas good. so good paul can't stop telling people to watch it.

jillyg said...

i couldn't even really put my finger on what was so enjoyable about it. funny, sweet, true. just a goodie.