Here and There

Friday, January 14, 2011


Always has been me.  Monday I saw a girl driving a big, ancient RV, with sheets covered the windows, sagging in the middle, looking absolutely artisitc.  She spun the wheel and parked, taking up three spaces.  She looked flushed, figuring it out.  My stomach actually hurt a little for wanting to be her in that RV.

Road trips through the desert, winding through the mountains.  Seeing views unfold and parking for the night, I love it.  Now it has this added component though.  It's not solo wanderlust to get away--it's this "wouldn't it be nice" longing to gather my favorites, Gid and the girls and be all together, just us, see a bunch of stuff.  No appointments, no obligations, no plan.  Just a few weeks of no schedule, no calendar and the wide open road.

Ah, on a Spring-like day like today I pine for it!!

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