Here and There

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things that make you go, hmm.

I am a blog reader.  Avid.  I love the blogs.  I love my google reader.  I love seeing new ideas and glimpses into lives all around the country.  There are the very chic and spare, desert themed, artistic southern Californian mom blogs.  The very annoying, but helplessly addicting Minnesota mom blogs.  The kansas mom blog who is so artistic and inspiring.  The super fun New York mom blog.  The crafting blogs, the cooking blogs, the spiritually challenging, etc. etc.

I spend too much time looking at these blogs and I don't even update my own blog more than once a month usually.  I try to quit.  Delete feeds of blogs that are annoying or rile me from my reader--why bother?!  Delete feeds of blogs that are never really that interesting, but I still click on to read anyway.  I just discovered a blog called Mennonite Girls Can Cook.  How amazing and weird is that?  But I'm not really the kind of gal who makes "Hired Hand Macaroni Casserole".  Do I really need to read it?  Yes, I do.  And the NieNie Dialogues, yes, it's such a compelling story and she and her husband are so sweet, but it's usually kind of boring, right? 

I know soap operas are going off the air these days, it's because all the ladies at home with their littles are reading blogs instead of watching soaps.  And it's kind of the same thing, soap operas are boring 90% of the time and then there is something interesting and you were watching so you caught it and then you watch more to see what will happen next.

A lot of blogs I read rah rah about not being a "mainstream" family.  Cloth diapers, organic foods, no tv.  I've thought a lot about this idea of not being a "mainstream" family.  Is it not the most mainstream thing in the world to blog and blog and blog about your life?  How does "simple" v "mainstream" living really look, without a blog?   What about me?  Am I a mainstream family?  I love all the ideas, the inspiration, but sometimes it's tiring to see it all and not even know how to integrate the blog reading into your life in a good way, let alone the recipe or project featured. 

So as I contemplate my relationship with blogs,  (Read them at one time a day, no constant google reader checking?  Read them once a week?  Pick a few of my favorites and dump the rest?)  I offer a short list of my favorites:

joy the baker
lovely morning
nat the fat rat

Monday, May 09, 2011


 At the beach at Montana de Oro State Park 

This past weekend we went on our first family camping trip.  We visited a state park near Morro Bay and then our dear friend Cristy Rose at a permaculture farm called Quail Springs.  I wish had taken photos of the animals and some other parts of the farm, but I did get a few that show a little of the place.  It is truly in the wilderness and I saw so many stars that night.  I wish that I had lingered looking at them so I could see a shooting star.  But I was just too tired.  So wonderful to be in nature so much, feels like I'm living out my new year's resolution.
 This is the kitchen in the common house. 

 Camping next to Dianita, Cristy Rose's camper home.
 Lily playing near the clay ovens.

 Inside the common house.
 Such a foggy morning.  High desert is indeed such beautiful country.

 A glimpse of the well organized shelving in the kitchen.  I love kitchens and seeing other people's systems.

Through the kitchen to Lily eating the goat buttermilk with honey and Peter playing a bit of guitar.