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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zombies Attack!

Okay, now that I've shared that I get fevers with somewhat frequency.  I want to share an interesting result of this.  The fully written in my head poems that I come up with laying there in the wee hours.  I mean, literally the words are in sentences that I picture in print on a page.   In the moment, I think these are genius!*

Zombies Attack (inspired by fever dream, Paula Deen, and a scene in the film, Titanic)

She watched the fires burning out her window.
All over the city, small fires, like someone took all the possessions of his home, put them in the street and struck a match.
The children, a boy and a girl, sat at the table waiting for dinner.  They didn't know that tonight was the last night.

She fed them the best dinner she could come up with.
She ate a stick of butter.  She contemplated eating a second.  Then regretted eating the first.
Then she opened the fridge to eat the rest of the quarters.

As she stood at the drawer, the light in the fridge went off.
All the lights went off.
Oh my God!

She told the children "Bedtime!" in her lightest voice.
They followed her as she led them to their beds, sang a song and prayed a prayer.
Tonight her prayer was like one of a very old woman.

*They're not!  But the next day I think they're funny!


Bora said...

this is actually a pretty interesting first could write a collection and call it "Fevered Verse."

julia said...

Awesome. :-D

Cristina Rose Smith said...

i like it!