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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Saints, Poets and Children

Photo by Lily
In the play Our Town, when Emily goes back to relive her 12th birthday, it is so painful to her, seeing the beauty of the day she took for granted.  She asks if anyone enjoys life while they're living it, really, each  minute.  "The saints and the poets, maybe some" is the stage manager's reply.

Have you seen a little girl running in the grass?  It's absolutely marvelous.  You can see her feel her hair lift from her neck in the wind.  You can see her feel strong and free.  She doesn't run to be fast or toward a goal.  She runs to feel herself running. It makes her laugh, she's so happy.  She is running in a wide circle for the joy of it.  I can barely stand it.  It's so beautiful.  

Watching her enjoy the minute makes me enjoy the minute.  So maybe we can add children to the list of those who can do it.  I wonder when they stop doing it?  7?  9?  12? 

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