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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Soul of the Rose

Sitting with K this morning, in the hour before her death, I searched the painting on the wall.  I have this same painting as a postcard on the inside of my bathroom mirror.  I don't know what it's called.  I looked it up just now..."The Soul of the Rose".

We sang "Crown Him With Many Crowns" and these lines held onto me:  "His reign shall know no end, and round his pierced feet, fair flowers of paradise extend their fragrance ever sweet." 

I know K loved flowers.  I imagined her smelling the most amazing smells, the fair flowers of paradise, the soul of the rose, I imagined her smelling them, even then.  As she hovered.

I remembered something I saw last week driving.  I was stopped in traffic, my window rolled down.  I saw two men walking together in a cross walk.  I saw both of them had their keys dangling from carabiners, like Peter wears.  I know the sound of keys dangling from carabiners very well.  But I didn't hear that sound as I watched their keys jangle on the rings.  I heard the most lovely chiming sounds.  I couldn't make sense of it.  I saw the keys, I heard the chimes.  And then my eyes darted up as I tried to put it all together.  There was a windchime, hung high on the corner of an office building.  I heard it singing in the wind.  As soon as I saw it, I heard the more familiar jangle of keys as the men walked on.  I marveled at that.

When the women sang to K there in her room, did she hear the angels too and wonder which was which was which? 

What we see here is such a dim reflection, what will we see face to face, or when?  W
hen it is all over here, or somewhere in the middle or sometimes by grace do we see face to face even now? 


Erin said...

That's really beautiful, sis. Karen has had that poster as long as I can remember, and the woman's lovely long fingers always remind me of Karen's.

Cristina Rose said...