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Friday, April 11, 2014

Look for the Light!

After a week in New Mexico, where the sky and light changes were impossible to ignore because they were just so BIG, I am looking for the places where the light hits here at home.  Being in the desert was everything I needed it to be.  As we drove to the yurt in Abiquiu I was near tears feeling the place wash over me.  I was here.  I was here.  There was nothing else but to just be here.  It was helpful and felt very safe for some reason.  I wrote one poem, only one!  Despite my intentions to write much more, it was fine and I felt the therapeutic effect of the landscape, the departure, the time with family and it went in deep.

This is the picture I kept trying to find on a postcard to take home.  Georgia pulling the drapes open in her studio there in Abiquiu.  The view!  The geraniums in the coffee can!  The beams in the ceiling!  I loved it.  And carry it with me in my heart as true inspiration. 

This quote from Modern Nature, the Exhibit of hers and Steiglitz at the Deyoung is also a take-away for me:  “I wish you could see the place here—there is something so perfect about the mountains and the lake and the trees—Sometimes I want to tear it all to pieces—it seems so perfect—but it is really lovely—And when the household is in good running order—and I feel free to work it is very nice.”

Don't we all know that feeling! She is talking about Lake George in this quote, but it serves to describe the appreciation for nature, and New Mexico, well too.

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