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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Advent Poem #3 and #4

Just for flow, I will put all 4 poems here now:

Advent Poems
Sometimes when a flock of tiny birds takes to the air suddenly
The sound is like that of one strong, large wing beating. 
Bigger than me.

A full moon rising.  Above everything that ever happens.
Inviting, warm.  Full of glow.
Shine on me.  Beckon me.
Make something glow bright within me when you’ve waned new.

Unbridled horse standing quietly in the pasture.  Perfectly free to be.
A leaping heart. 
Boundless.  Galloping further than you can see.
It’s you, feeling your worth.

Covering it all like the grass after a few days good rain.  Like the velvet covering growing antlers, soft and very strong.
Oh horse, Oh moon, Oh dear birds, all glimpses of its power.  Cover me fully and be the reason for everything I do.

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