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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

 A few photos from the last few days.

This muscari bloomed just in time for Ash Wednesday.  I like to have little purple flowers like this around the yard to pick every few days during lent to put near my little altar/sacred space.

 Spending the afternoon on the porch at the Lavender Inn in Yountville.  Absolutely perfect.

Blossoms during the golden hour, alive with bees!

And so, the season changes and Lent begins.  With the purple out and the blossoms everywhere and the ashes, it is all familiar and once again new.  Today, I tried to have a good sabbatical day.  I spent time reading and in prayer and wrote a poem about daffodils.  Made a good dinner.  My meditation today was from Psalm 139, "darkness is as light to you".  I found such comfort in these words today and pondered their significance in a dark world. 

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