Here and There

Saturday, March 21, 2015

An Education

Remember in An American Childhood, Annie Dillard writes about how her parents taught her at a young age what it was to be funny, to make a joke, to stretch out a laugh?

We've had conversations around these parts about lots of things that fall under the category "Teach your children well" and I was reminded of how very diverse the things you must teach your children really are.

Such as:

When you're going on an overnight trip with others, keep your stuff together and don't unpack your stuff all over or leave your things strewn about.

You should know about The Cure.  You just should.

What's a good joke?  What makes a better joke?  See below:

Lily:  What if in mouse world there was a Taylor Swift.  She could be called Taylor Swiss Cheese!  (Lots of laughs from everyone)
Me:  Taylor Swiss.  It's funnier if it's just Taylor Swiss.
Lily and Maggie:  Noooo!  Taylor Swiss Cheese!  (Lots of laughs)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


So far, this month has felt kind of sputtering...much how I felt the first week of February.  I got into a good groove after that first week off and my rest priorities were solid.  Now, I feel slightly unfocused and a little bit like time/opportunities for rest and reflection and prayer and writing are slipping through my fingers.  Today I sat with that feeling for 20 minutes and let my priorities fall around me, so that I could pick them back up one at a time in the order that seemed right for today.

Some Sabbatical things:

Poems about daffodils, storms, Lily, and gravity have been under construction.  I feel like the "Poetry" folder on my computer is like my little lab, with bubbling beakers of various colors and temperatures, needing tending as they transform.

Lenten reading and disciplines.

Yoga class.

Planning the trip to Lummi Island. 

Learning some stories of the saints from Godly Play.

Also, I miss my black and white tile floor too much and am plotting it's return.