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Saturday, March 21, 2015

An Education

Remember in An American Childhood, Annie Dillard writes about how her parents taught her at a young age what it was to be funny, to make a joke, to stretch out a laugh?

We've had conversations around these parts about lots of things that fall under the category "Teach your children well" and I was reminded of how very diverse the things you must teach your children really are.

Such as:

When you're going on an overnight trip with others, keep your stuff together and don't unpack your stuff all over or leave your things strewn about.

You should know about The Cure.  You just should.

What's a good joke?  What makes a better joke?  See below:

Lily:  What if in mouse world there was a Taylor Swift.  She could be called Taylor Swiss Cheese!  (Lots of laughs from everyone)
Me:  Taylor Swiss.  It's funnier if it's just Taylor Swiss.
Lily and Maggie:  Noooo!  Taylor Swiss Cheese!  (Lots of laughs)

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