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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wrapping up April, Welcoming May

The children shout "Geronimo Willems" for some reason when they jump.  A play on Mo Willems, I have no idea why.
 Today, I mark the last Sunday of April with some reflections on my sabbatical and imaginings and hopes for my last month off.  A month of Sundays indeed passes quickly and I can count on one hand the Sundays between me and my return.  My refraining prayer to God has been:  "How do you want to be with me today?"  And I ask that today imagining the next few weeks...
Rosé under the roses

I've been walking at least once a week alone at Cesar Chavez.  Sometimes the sky is so low and gray, or my feet are cold and it feels chore-like.  Until I see and hear what is there.  Then I am once again marveling at all that there is to notice.  All that goes on despite worry, fear or bad news.  The redwing blackbirds, so shrill.  The swallows seeming to skate on the path ahead of me, darting up and to the side as I overtake their gentle, loping flight.  The rabbits bounding away.  The weeds.  The flowers.  It's not even the view, it's the small bits of nature happening and Wendell Berry's words echo:  "Though I am heavy, there is flight around me."

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