Here and There

Thursday, May 28, 2015


I had so many great ideas for Pentecost.  When Sunday came though, we were sick, some of us had lice and we were not able to do anything other than watch movies and eat cookies.  On Monday we made a few sculpey creations, fires and a dove.  I put out the red fabric and that was it.  There was a drawing of a crab of Lily's that fit in with his orangeness.  And that was Pentecost this year.

I still feel inspired by the fire and the wind.  I am so enjoying this rare red that comes but once a year to the altar.  As I consider the long long season of ordinary time that approaches, I am thinking the lines:  "Green, green rocky road.  You promenade in green." from the old folk song.  How pretty is a promenade?  How rocky the path can still seem. 

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