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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

"I Know It's Over never really began.  But in my heart, it was so real."  --The Smiths

Any time i think the words "it's over" I think of this song line.  One of my favorite songs.  And although this song has nothing to do with it, my sabbatical is over.  I just loved it.  I learned so much, I enjoyed myself so much. Even though I had barely written on this blog the last few years, I am so glad I documented the time here.  It has helped me to look back and see the snapshot moments of the time.    I have no idea who reads my blog, I think a few friends.  But putting it out there has been nice.  Maybe I will keep posting more.

On my last day of sabbatical, we went to Shell Beach in Tomales Bay.  It is an all time favorite place.  I love the short hike down.  It is so still and quiet when you are there at the edge of the water, barely a wave at all, and the cove is so sheltered. 

Maggie took a picture of me last week. 

One nice thing was reading A LOT the past few months.  So many great books and poems.  It's been fun to update my list of books for 2015 and see it grow longer and longer.  Some things I did more easily during the break, that I will need to practice at to keep in my life:  reading, yoga class, writing, less multitasking.

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