Here and There

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer growth

Despite the drought, there is growth in the garden.  The grass is dead, and the vegetable garden is basically a few rogue pumpkins.  But the apricots were great, and the sweet peas I planted and mostly watered with bath water grew well.  It was so nice to have sweet peas by the window.  The smell floated in and they made these pretty shadows on the curtains.

Now, I see the end of July and see that here we are at the height of summer, really.  Peter is doing very well, I am working, everything seems to be a good summer groove.  How grateful I am for that normalcy.  How touched I am by the reality that we've found ourselves in...that Peter is well, can walk, can play guitar, can throw the kids up in the air.  It was all so gone for a minute there.

I don't know why and I can't say for how long, right?  So I am thankful for today and I am thankful for a strange mercy that spared us this summer.  Life is uncertain and many suffer.  I can hold only to what is certain.  God is love and love is stronger than any other force.  May I live my life renewed in love.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hospital Poem

The thudding you heard for years on the other side, as you lay your head there on his chest--
Suddenly on a screen in front of you:
Sometimes fuzzy triangles, lined up in a row, diamonds dissected.
Sometimes elegant script, words in another language.
Sometimes hills and valleys, like a topographic map.
Sometimes in rushing sounds, sometimes a horse’s gallop, sometimes beeps.
Then the tech silences it or changes the view and you see a new interpretation.
You thought you knew about that heart more than anyone.
And now, here it is, jumping around there on the screen. 
It’s strange.  You are glad to see it, to know its look, how it acts.
In some ways, you always wondered…
And then in other ways, it feels like a hidden thing that should have stayed hidden. 

And the closest anyone would come to knowing it, would be you, with your head there on his chest.