Here and There

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hospital Poem

The thudding you heard for years on the other side, as you lay your head there on his chest--
Suddenly on a screen in front of you:
Sometimes fuzzy triangles, lined up in a row, diamonds dissected.
Sometimes elegant script, words in another language.
Sometimes hills and valleys, like a topographic map.
Sometimes in rushing sounds, sometimes a horse’s gallop, sometimes beeps.
Then the tech silences it or changes the view and you see a new interpretation.
You thought you knew about that heart more than anyone.
And now, here it is, jumping around there on the screen. 
It’s strange.  You are glad to see it, to know its look, how it acts.
In some ways, you always wondered…
And then in other ways, it feels like a hidden thing that should have stayed hidden. 

And the closest anyone would come to knowing it, would be you, with your head there on his chest.

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