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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mid August

 We visited the place we got married for a picnic last week.  Fun to see the kids running around there. 
 Lily and Mags played in the Godly Play classroom while I was preparing for my story and some very good GP work happened there.  Wow.  Anytime I see what children put together when left to it for awhile I have a new view of the world.  Literally.  Let's see, this one...The road the good Samaritan found the man who needed help, the priest at one end, the 3 blocks representing Pentecost, Easter and Christmas in the middle, the birds from the parable of the mustard seed on the other end, the circle of the church year, the dark places from the parable of the Good Shepherd sitting under the city of Jerusalem....whoah.

Bright dahlias for my summer child. 

Mid August means more Chronicles of Narnia reading,

rosé drinking, summer fruit eating, and practicing rhythms of rest/work/play.

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