Here and There

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Kids

or alternate title:  The Blob

Walking along the sidewalk there is this incessant shuffle
Trading places...who’s next to who?  Who’s in front and who’s pulling up the rear?
Tripping on your heel, running into the one who stops short.
From afar, we might look an amoeba, blobbing and squishing, outer edge changing as it thrusts itself through the pond water.
We’re just this family, more kids than grown-ups, making our way through the swamp.  Trying to take turns seeing, take turns giving a ride or getting one. 
We might just be trying to get there, but together like this, we’re forging. 
Together, a new kind.  
My eyes should be wide with discovery! 
My heart should beat fast at the thought of this strange tangled organism of 5, lurching into the future!

But somehow I don’t get it and I just go along, bumping into her, losing step with him, and finding a hand to hold when we cross the street.