Here and There

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Late January

 At the campground in Camptonville after Christmas.

 After all the rains, all the leaves and things on the ground make stamps and then they get moved out of the way and the sidewalk looks like this.

 We watched The Shining in 20 minute increments so it wouldn't be too scary.  I had never seen it.  We also watched Back to the Future which I had also never seen.  I feel like I am a more well rounded individual now.

 We got a moon calendar this year.  It's fun to learn the names of all the full moons and see how the moon's cycle is a pattern we forget, but is always there.

Self-care, solo day.  Lunch was good, 3rd cup of coffee gets almond milk in it, a really good book.  Also worked on poems.

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