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Saturday, January 02, 2016

So this is the new year/Turning over a new leaf

In the last days of 2014, I zeroed in on the word "expansive" as one that I wanted to pursue. This was what 2015 was about for me.  "I am open to new ways of living"  was a tag line.  My sabbatical this past year taught me so much about myself, about the value of introspection and embracing the regular practice of writing poems as a valuable tool to process the world and my feelings.

This past year I blogged more, I wrote more and I read more than I have since Lily was born more than 8 years ago.  My hopes for 2016 are to pursue the expansive even more fervently.  Like drinking cold water on a hot day, your first sips, while delightful, only whet your thirst for more.

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Erin Schweng said...

Hooray for that plan, Sis. My word for the year is "Create" - making things with my hands (baking, coloring, knitting) brings me joy. Here's to 2016!