Here and There

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Home, but with a little more of me left back there I think.  

Desert lovebirds
The big room at breakfast.

One of my favorite spots, the patio between the living room and the sauna.
The adobe house was amazing and the many windows let in the light and the views of the mesa. Multiple sheltered patios and lots of space helped everyone feel together, but independent.  One day, I sat outside, perfectly still in the morning sun for almost an hour just watching the birds and enjoying the silence.  It was a beautiful retreat.  It was clear and cold one night, and there was no wind, so we got to sit under the stars.  More than I had ever seen in my life.

What silent tree shadows this whole earth with night?  
It covers each little town and towering city with star-laden branches.
Here in the desert, I can see all its fruit trembling above me.
And in some wind you can’t feel, those stars seem to spin on their stems,
So ripe, so ready, and threatening to fall at any moment.

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Bora said...

just catching up on my blog reading. love this post!