Here and There

Thursday, May 11, 2017


I love this dog.
Now, it's all about making writing goals, figuring out how everything goes together, figuring out how to say "Hello, can I come give a talk about children's spirituality at your school/church/community group?  I promise it will be interesting!" to anyone/everyone without being annoying.

Also, reading lots and listening to music and cooking and cleaning and organizing and walking the dog, and going to the gym.

As in my sabbatical, I'm revisiting a daily question for God "How do you want to be with me today?" and a daily question for myself "What do you you really want?"

In these questions I can feel the distillation of what's important for the day.  Even if tasks take up my time, if I ask those questions I keep myself present to "deep time" and a knowing of what's important in the light of eternity.  I love how Richard Rohr talks about this concept--and contemplation as a key to proper perspective.