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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Faces of Easter Week 5

"When Jesus came close to people they changed. They could do things they couldn't do before; they could see things they couldn't see before, they became well." --Faces of Easter, Jesus as Healer and Parable-Maker

Yesterday, Peter and I were talking about Jesus, who he was and how we understand him to be. As I've read these stories my whole life, my understanding of Jesus as Healer and Parable-Maker has become more expansive, stretching beyond the man that physically touched a blind man, like this, to the part of God that connects with people.

I don't know if this is wrong or right. I know I've been thinking about an undomesticated Jesus who doesn't read the Bible and act it out, but rather is the space of air between all living things providing connection between them and the Divine. So in this story when I think about Jesus' work, I am thinking about his all-time work, even though I know this story is really about that short window of time on the time-line of history.

Stretching the imagination with Jesus, especially Jesus as parable-maker, can make me feel dull, like I just don't get it most of the time. But sometimes I get a flash of understanding.

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